Infernal Geographies: Virgil, Sartre, and Schur.

Abstract: Welcome to Hell, where geography is no accident of nature. In katabasis, the geography of the underworld is a major tool for challenging and remaking characters on their journey; common landmarks are generally impediments to movement, like gates or bodies of water. Each katabatic geography represents a different conception of life after death, andContinue reading “Infernal Geographies: Virgil, Sartre, and Schur.”

Aratus’ Phaenomena as Ekphrasis of the Sky

Abstract This paper argues that Aratus’ Phaenomena contains a sophisticated exploration of the aesthetics of stargazing, which has long gone unanalyzed. To do so, this paper focuses on Phaenomena’s ekphrases of the northern and southern hemispheres and analyzes the techniques their description.  Although not usually considered an ekphrastic poem, this paper argues that the Phaenomena contains two distinct ekphrases, whichContinue reading “Aratus’ Phaenomena as Ekphrasis of the Sky”

Moving Classics Forward

an introduction Founder of Diversitas, academic writer, and educator, Emily Shanahan is an eager and pioneering member of the classics community. She is an ardent traveler, having studied in both London and Berlin, and speaks multiple languages including German and French. Emily has a strong background of teaching assistantships and public speaking, and is lookingContinue reading “Moving Classics Forward”

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